This summer,  6 out of 10 Americans will hit the road for a long awaited summer getaway.  Chances are, your employees are amongst them. While it’s a good business practice to encourage employees to take time away to rest and refresh, the process of coordinating schedules can be a logistical nightmare.


Our team at  QBO Hero can save you a ton of time and frustration with a QuickBooks conversion.  We are well-versed in the Quickbooks conversion process which includes online employee scheduling and a simplistic payroll conversation system.  With a little preparation on your part we’ll have you managing employee vacation schedules with ease. Here are are three tips to get you started:


Vacation Policy – Create it and stick with it!


Designing a concrete and enforceable vacation policy is the first step towards a headache-free scheduling process. A sound vacation policy should address how many vacation days each employee receives per year, how the days are accrued, whether or not the days carry forward, required notice time, and how employees are paid for their vacation. You should also evaluate how you will award vacation if multiple employees choose the same date blocks. Once you’ve decided on the parameters of your vacation policy you’ll want to maintain morale by communicating the plan to your team and explaining why it is important to the overall wellbeing of the company.

Covert Payroll and Scheduling Online with TSheets by QuickBooks


With a QuickBooks conversion you’ll utilize an online software program such as TSheets Scheduling, to manage employee vacation schedules.  Once published, employees can enter time cards, clock in and out of shifts, view shift schedules, and evaluate requested vacation from any mobile device.  This means employees can see granted vacation requests and plan their time off accordingly. TSheets links scheduling information to your payroll and accounting software syncing accurate employee time tracking for invoicing and payroll.  This convert payroll process offers a huge convenience factor freeing you to focus on more important things like growing your business!!


The Early Bird Gets the Worm (and the Bonus)!


Consider giving employees a bonus for making vacation requests well in advance.  A small cash bonus or gas and restaurant gift cards are great incentives for encouraging your employees to plan ahead.  In reality, rewarding your employees for giving notice is a small price to pay to ensure that your business is fully operational and staffed during the summer vacation season.


QBO Hero – Our Super Power is doing a Super Good Job!


Your employees are ready for their summer vacations, but is your business?  Not only does QBO Hero’s conversion software help companies convert payroll and accounting programs online, but  it also streamlines the scheduling process saving you a ton of time and energy in the long run. Establishing a vacation policy, utilizing online scheduling software, and offering incentives will help your company get the footing it needs to tackle the summer months with ease.