If you’re a savvy business owner you’ve likely read and heard about the benefits of a QuickBooks conversion. However, many business owners are nervous about such a major change. Drastic, unexpected changes can be disruptive and time consuming  if not done properly. While a QuickBooks conversion certainly involves a lot of change (workflow patterns, learning curves etc) the benefits of this system are definitely worth the risk! 


Best of all, you’re not alone! Hiring a team of specialists will provide peace of mind and make the conversion process as smooth as possible. The team at QBO Hero can help with all your conversion woes. With a dedicated team of experts you’ll feel much more prepared for this change. Here are a few things you can expect when working with a team of conversion specialists:


Things to Do Before the Conversion


Deciding on which software system is the best fit for your company is the first step in this process.  QuickBooks offers multiple plans to meet each and every need and the team of experts can provide an overview of each plan’s features and benefits. Taking the time to thoroughly vet each plan up front will save time and money in the long run. Once you’ve picked a plan, you’ll need to prep your files for conversion. This is a multi-step process, but once again the experts can help guide you through the steps ensuring everything is set come conversion day. 


Secondly, when you decide to convert QuickBooks setting expectations with your employees is a positive step towards a smooth transition. Many employees may have anxiety about the changes and enlisting the help of a qualified expert to do some pre-conversion training is a great way to reduce stress. 


During the Conversion


When you convert QuickBooks it’s important to lean on the shoulders of the experts. Afterall, this isn’t their first rodeo when it comes to a QuickBooks upgrade. The team of hired experts can answer questions, put out fires, and correct any errors along the way. Plus, as the conversion finalizes they can help with any last minute details and training to make sure you and your team feel comfortable working in real time. 


Post Conversion Support


Even after the conversion is fully complete, QuickBooks Online support is just a click away.  QuickBooks offers a variety of tutorials, webinars, classes, and community groups to help clients troubleshoot and build their overall knowledge of the online platform. Whatever you may need throughout your conversion journey you can rest assured that you have a fully staffed team behind you!


Ready to Convert QuickBooks?


Of course, making this transition is a huge commitment. Your time and hard-earned dollars will go towards upgrading your QuickBooks platform. However, the long-term rewards offer a better than average return and once you get the hang of using QuickBooks online you’ll never turn back. Call our team of QuickBooks conversion experts for a consultation today!