Time is money. If you would rather spend time growing your business versus growing

frustrated with your existing accounting software, it might be time to convert to QuickBooks

Online. A secure data conversion can eliminate employee tasks, simplify your workflow,

and yes, save you money by reducing some of the fixed costs associated with your

current accounting system.


Simplify Employee Tasks


A common complaint of employers who use desktop accounting software is the amount

of time and steps it takes to process basic tasks. Online accounting software programs

such as QuickBooks were designed to simplify multi-step processes. For

example, using the QuickBooks mobile app, employees can take pictures of their

receipts and attach them to corresponding transactions. QuickBooks online also

provides an option to automatically download and categorize credit card and bank

statements and schedule and send invoices. Converting to QuickBooks Online and

utilizing the automatic features saves clients on average 3-hours per day!! That frees up

15-hours a week to focus on growing your business!


Accessibility & Convenience


Every year, more and more businesses are terminating their leases and embracing the

cost saving advantages of having employees work from home. In order for this concept

to be successful, both employer and their employees must have access to information

and the ability to share documents through a cloud-based service. A QuickBooks

conversion accomplishes this mission. Clients can access

customer information, send invoices, run payroll, reconcile accounts, and more from any

mobile device, PC, or MAC.


For service-based businesses like accounting firms, utilizing QuickBooks Online gives

accountants remote access to their client’s books making it easier to fix problems,

answer questions, and prepare for tax time. Data is always up to date, and both parties

save time avoiding the laborious process of making copies and passing files back and

forth. Lean on the experts at QBO Hero to help you find the right plan for your client and

assist with a hassle-free QuickBooks conversion.


Save Money When You Convert to QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online customers notice an immediate reduction in fixed cost after a

QuickBooks conversion. Utilizing the Cloud to house documents and information,

reduces paper usage and eliminates the need for costly data storage. With 15-hours a

week or more in time savings, imagine the renewed energy that can be spent growing your business! While it may be more difficult to apply a direct cost savings your time is valuable and the ability to convert resources and energy to retain and build a customer base is priceless!


I Get It! Now What?


If these benefits ring a bell, it might be time to bite the bullet and convert to QuickBooks online. It’s time to end the frustration! Step out from under your workload, pick-up the phone,

and give QBO Hero a call.  Our QuickBooks experts have an extensive accounting background and  can help you find the perfect online software program for your business while providing hands on support. You’ll notice immediate time and money savings and you’ll find the ability to access information anywhere, anytime to be a true value to your business. What are you waiting for?! Get help with your QuickBooks conversion today!