It’s true that change is challenging. If you’ve been doing something the same way for many years a sudden switch can nearly knock you off your feet! This theory holds true in the accounting world as well. Unfortunately, many businesses are still married to a paper ledger or a desktop accounting system despite the changing dynamics of business around the world. While this stubborn approach is understood, making the transition to an online platform can unlock a multitude of new,  untapped business opportunities.


Converting to QuickBooks online is no easy feat, but our knowledgeable and professional staff at QBO Hero  can make your conversation simple and pain-free. First, let’s dig a little deeper and uncover some of the many benefits of QuickBooks Online. This conversation is the best gift you can give your business and your accounting team. Here’s why:


24/7 Access


One of the primary benefits of QuickBooks Online is the 24/7 nature of the program. With a cloud-based platform the program be accessed from anywhere in the world: at the office, on the train, or at home. This flexibility gives accounting employees a little more work life balance which not only makes your team more happy, but also improves the overall quality of their work.


A Leg Up on the Other Guy


Believe it or not, increased accessibility can also give you an edge over your biggest competitors. Not only is the system more user-friendly for clients and customers, but it also has automated features that allow you to be timely, engage in more follow-up and stay consistently in touch with existing clients. Is there anything better for a business?


Don’t Forget the Bottom Line!!

Converting to QuickBooks online can also reap significant financial rewards. One of the most obvious cost savings you’ll experience is the almost complete elimination of paperwork! All reports, data, and information can be downloaded and sent digitally and all records are documented online. You’ll also uncover savings when it comes to data storage and maintenance.


Improved Accuracy


As tax season approaches this benefit is a top priority. When converting to QuickBooks online you’ll find unparalleled accuracy that will make you rest easy come tax season. The online software checks for duplicate entries, red flags common errors and also keeps track of other items required for W2s and 1099s. Gone are the days of cross-checking a ledger with pen and pencil. Let QuickBooks online do the work!


Smooth Transitions


The ease of QuickBooks online extends further than just the numbers. Think about how simplified your hiring, training, and promoting processes become when information is shared and easily accessible. Onboarding a new employee is easier than ever and allows for training and oversight that was not previously available with desktop versions.


Considering the Plunge?


These items are just a few of the many benefits of QuickBooks Online.  If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level and unlocking the endless possibilities of this turnkey product we can help make the transition smooth and seamless. Our team at QBO Hero would love the opportunity to help you with the conversion. Give us a call today!