Owning and operating a franchise is no small feat. It is also a pretty hefty investment on the front end. The average start-up capital needed for a franchise lands around $250,000. With that much money at stake, many franchise owners can’t afford to slip up when it comes to the initial setup and structure of the business. For this reason alone, it is absolutely critical that franchise owners pay attention to the details when it comes to startup processes. Getting it right the first time can help you avoid major headaches in the long run. That said, one of the primary components of a successful business is staying abreast of the best practices.


One such practice is to convert to QuickBooks Online from the antiquated desktop versions. When transitioning to an online platform, you’ll gain an edge in a variety of ways. While our QuickBooks Online conversion experts would love to provide testimony to the perks of an online conversion, here are a few ways making the switch can quickly give you an edge on the competition:


Increased Engagement from Staff


One of the best reasons to convert to QuickBooks Online is the 24/7 nature of the product. Enhanced flexibility means your managers and employees have business information at their fingertips which can dramatically change the dynamics of the workday. The ability to work from almost anywhere gives employees more balance and provides the opportunity to take more ownership of their work. When employees are offered more flexibility, you may discover a boost in their productivity as well as the way they interact with customers and other staff members. Morale will be at an all time high, and that’s all thanks to the capabilities of the QuickBooks Online platform.


An Expanded Reach


Increased accessibility can also assist in drumming up new business. It’s a fact that technology is changing the way we do business. If you want to remain relevant, you have to keep up with the times. When you allow our team of QuickBooks Online conversion experts to transition you to an online platform you’ll find you’re able to speak the lingo of a broader audience. Additionally, staying in-tune with technology trends will give you a leg up when developing a marketing plan moving forward. With a savvy online platform, you can meet people where they are, which will do wonders for your business.


A Boost to the Bottom Line

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that when you convert to QuickBooks Online, you may also boost your bottom line. One of the more prominent savings features you’ll uncover comes with the natural reduction in paperwork. With digital recording, it’s a rarity to use paper for things like reports, invoices etc.  Additionally, costs like maintenance and data storage are also significantly reduced. As a business owner, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to these economizing perks!


We’d Love to Help!


At QBO Hero, we pride ourselves on being experts in the conversion process. Our QuickBooks Online conversion experts would love to help you make this profitable leap. Schedule a consultation today!