Change is a major pitfall for many organizations. It can be difficult to get your team onboard and retrain everyone to think differently about a system, process, or way of doing things. However, the old slogan “that’s how we’ve always done it” is no longer acceptable if you want to gain an edge. In today’s competitive marketplace you can’t afford to lag behind the competition.


This fact is especially true on the technology front, particularly when it comes to internal processes. With more and more organizations transitioning to paperless ways of operating, you may find yourself getting more and more behind if you’re still using desktop versions of various softwares. The lack of portability and accessibility involved with desktop software can really slow things down. That’s why converting to QuickBooks Online may be just what you need to revamp your business. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you might consider hiring a helping hand. Here are three reasons to hire a professional when pursuing the QuickBooks Online conversion process.


Experienced Experts on Your Side


One of the primary and most obvious benefits of hiring a professional to help with the QuickBooks Online conversion process is consistent access to the experts. Most consultants have done this a time or two and can help you do it right the first time. They are also readily available to assist with troubleshooting any issues and tailoring the program to fit your company’s unique needs. Working with someone well-versed in QuickBooks gives you peace of mind as you work through this major change.

You Can Focus on Other Things


As a business owner, you probably wear many hats. Your most important prerogative,  however, is to grow your business and boost revenue. When you’re responsible for everything that goes into business operations, it can be difficult to take time off to manage a major overhaul like converting to QuickBooks Online. That’s where hiring a professional can really pay off. Let the professionals handle the grunt work while you focus on what’s most important: growing your business! The QuickBooks Online conversion process doesn’t have to disrupt your day-to-day functioning.


Strong Buy-in from Your Team

Sometimes, a big change requires an outside perspective. Your employees may be a bit nervous about a major change like going paperless, and hearing the change from you may be the tipping point. Afterall, a process change impacts their day-to-day activities pretty significantly. Sometimes, this message is more well-received when it comes from an outsider. A professional will be able to deliver training, offer troubleshooting,  and assist with building overall morale. They can more easily put a positive spin on a touchy subject, and are more likely to get renewed buy-in from your team.


Time to Take Action


It’s true, converting to QuickBooks Online is a huge decision. If you’re ready to take the leap, our team at QBO Hero would love to walk you through the process. Our team of experts with strong accounting backgrounds is knowledgeable, friendly, and here to help. Give us a call today!