With the rise in cloud computing and software as a service platforms (SaaS), movement in the accounting industry has begun to go towards the cloud as well. Today, more than half of Intuit’s Quickbooks users are utilizing the online version of the software. The software has become very robust and huge improvements continue to be made in it’s features and performance.

While more than half is a big number, what about those that are still using the desktop version of the software? Now that critical mass is taking place, the conversion for those that have held onto their desktop versions of Quickbooks is eminent. With this comes the challenges of the conversion process. While the conversion process can be a headache, if you do your research upfront and plan for your conversion, it should be a fairly painless transition.

Do Your Research

The challenge with any big change such as this is to do the necessary research, to ensure the pain of converting doesn’t turn into a major crisis. In order for a successful conversion process, every step needs to be planned for in advance and staged properly. Look at all the possible questions and make sure you have a solution.

For instance, if you have payroll integrated into your Quickbooks desktop platform, will it seamlessly transfer to Quickbooks online? Taking the time to research this and make sure your data converts properly will ensure that these issues do not pop up and cause you a headache once the conversion has been completed.

Do Things One Step At A Time

Moving your practice to the cloud successfully calls for a good transition plan. The best way to handle any transition such as this is to do it in stages. If you are transferring many of your accounting clients to online, our suggestion is to move them one at a time. Start with the simple clients, make sure the conversion process is well documented and occurs without issue and then move onto the more complex clients. Following this process will minimize the risk of a conversion crisis and keep your customers happy. 

Need Help? We’re Here

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