Technology is quickly and surely changing the way we work, play, and interact with others. According to a recent poll, over 5 billion people worldwide have a mobile phone connection. With the influx of mobile device ownership and accessibility, a new dynamic is emerging. Believe it or not, globally, 70 percent of today’s workforce opts to work remotely at least once per week. This change has seemingly been welcomed with open arms and allows for increased flexibility and convenient 24/7 access.


The  ability to access information around the clock also has huge implications for an organization’s ability to compete and grow. Similarly, taking advantage of this leap can reap huge rewards. The change has made desktop applications almost obsolete and while many organizations have yet to make the transition to online software or “the cloud,” they’ll soon find it almost impossible to work any other way.


The transition to an online platform is no different in the world of accounting. A QuickBooks conversion may be just the thing you need to begin transforming your organization. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll gain through a conversion to QuickBooks.


Increased Employee Engagement


The ability to work anywhere and everywhere has virtually eliminated the need for set office hours. More and more organizations are opting for flex schedules allowing employees to enjoy a newfound work life balance. The autonomy to do work at a time and place that’s most convenient can do wonders for an employee’s productivity and attitude in the workplace. When engaging in a conversion to QuickBooks, your team will be able to do their work anywhere: home, on the road, and in the office. The QuickBooks conversion to the online version is extremely intuitive and your employees will enjoy a renewed sense of ownership.


A More Competitive Edge


Increased accessibility can also give you a leg up on the competition. Many organizations still locked to the desktop version of QuickBooks will find they’re quite strapped to their existing clientele. A QuickBooks conversion will allow you to service the needs of a broader audience and will give you more ammo as you develop your marketing strategy moving forward. You’ll find your staffing dollars can be directed at more innovative endeavors. By minimizing the amount of busywork required with QuickBooks desktop, your team can focus on doing what’s most important: growing your business.


Significant Cost Savings

A conversion to QuickBooks online can also boost your bottom line. One of the most obvious cost savings you’ll find with the conversion is the reduction in paperwork. Everything can be recorded and documented online. You can even upload receipts and records ensuring a smooth and seamless process. You’ll also find significant savings in terms of data storage and maintenance, as well. The list of savings is endless.


Let Us Help You!

As you can see, QuickBooks online is the key to unlocking a wealth of business opportunities. Our team at QBO Hero would love to help you grow your business and convert to QuickBooks online. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!