Did you know? “Hat trick” is a noun. It means 3 successes of the same kind, especially consecutive ones – within a limited period of time. For example, this could be the scoring of 3 goals in the same game by one player, the taking of 3 wickets by the same person with successive balls in cricket, or by being lucky enough to hit 3 bull’s eyes in a row while playing darts at your favorite pub.

Q Hero will be doing a hat trick at the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference this year in San Jose, California (#QBConnect). Why? Because we plan to be at the place and the right time to help attendees with their conversion process. In essence, to become a firm conversion hero and a firm of the future!

CPAs, EAs, Pro Advisors, Accountants, and Tax Professionals have a lot going on. Our focus is on managing priorities, change, time, money, and resources throughout the day. Although the accounting community is in a constant state of change (trying to figure out the best firm strategy for the present and in the future), the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference welcomes plenty of options for productive change. That’s why we attend! It’s also important to note that many major decisions for change are finalized by attendees at this conference, whether it be in-person or virtually.

A small firm recently discussed their strategy with Q Hero recently. She put it like this… “I can either stay constant and stay small, feeling comfortable with the business that I have… or, know that if I don’t change – my business life cycle is limited. I know the better option is to embrace the constant change to our field that is becoming more widely adopted, which will add value to my customers, their families and their businesses.”

So, how will Q Hero do a hat trick at #QBConnect?

Firms of all sizes have the opportunity to do their OWN hat trick within their businesses at the Inuit QuickBooks Connect Conference. Many firms that Q Hero is currently working with have decided to move forward in this way. After all, #QBConnect is the place to strategize with us on how to accomplish the hat trick tasks!

Do you agree that your firm would operate much more efficiently if you ran 3 awesome software applications? Using QuickBooks Online Accountant, a Customer Management Program and an integrated tax software can help information to flow more seamlessly. That’s also why we plan to be at #QBConnect, to help you convert from any software to QuickBooks Online or Desktop. You’ll see: Once your firm has clients on the QuickBooks environment, a whole new world opens to you and your firm! Especially with the amazing amount of connected apps now available to us with the tap of a few buttons.

We at Q Hero welcome and encourage you to share with us what your accounting firm strategy is going to be now and in the future. We want you to make informed industry decisions and assist with your strategy for success.

In fact, if you haven’t already – take a look at all of these excellent sponsors that will be at the conference to help you perform a hat trick! I know what you may be thinking… “Wow! Over 75 sponsors, that’s too many choices.” With a little bit of research, it becomes a place of many opportunities. The point of performing a hat trick is in the discovery of what your firm needs to do. Planning who you’ll visit with before you get to #QBConnect and leaving with a firm implementation plan when you get back to the office is the best way to go.

And, remember – Q Hero will be there to help you understand more about how you can become a firm conversion hero! Let us be there for you to help pull off one of the greatest hat tricks in the industry. Converting your files!

Our recommendation?
Go for it and become our next QBO Hero!


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