Cloud based technology is pretty much the only way to do business in today’s day and age. While it can be scary to have your most sensitive information floating in “the cloud” reducing data storage costs with an online platform saves a ton of time and money along the way. That’s why many business owners have begun the process of eliminating QuickBooks desktop and moving to the online platform. 


A data conversion offers a variety of benefits including a more efficient workflow, 24/7 access, and a boost to your bottom line. It’s also pretty secure so you can have peace of mind that all your valuable information is safely stored and easily accessible. Here are a few more ways a QuickBooks Online conversion may be the best thing you’ve done for your business:


All Your Info Accessible 24/7


One of the best parts about completing an online  conversion is the 24/7 nature of the program. With the online platform you and your employees can access business information from anywhere and at almost anytime. Unlike the desktop version of your data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed with a secure internet connection making your work much more convenient and providing unparalleled flexibility to your employees. 


A Storage Option Made Just for You


When you decide to go with the QuickBooks Online conversion you’ll find there are a variety of data storage hosting options. Doing your research will ensure you choose the right platform for you and your business. From a publicly shared server to a hybrid scenario to your most personalised private platforms there are so many hosting options to suit any situation. A consultation with a team of experts is a great way to ensure you pick the right situation for you.  


Skip the Fees and Storage Costs


Going digital can also result in a decrease in costs. Of course, a boost to the bottom line is every business owners dream so what’s not to love? With a virtual platform you typically won’t be required to pay for data you don’t use. Gone are the days of paying for data storage. Instead, you’ll enjoy a “pay for what you use” system that’s much more cost effective than the traditional route. Plus, there are no maintenance fees or upgraded security nicks. You’ll enjoy cost savings all around!


Let QBO Hero Help You Grow Your Business! 


If you’re ready to take the leap consider QBO Hero for all your consultation needs. Our team of dedicated accountants have years of experience in the business and can walk you through each step of the way. It’s time to nix the old school storage and opt for a virtual system. Call today!