Now that tax season is over, you’re probably breathing a huge sigh of relief! However, once you’ve had time to relax and recover you’ll want to get back to work rethinking ways to improve the process moving forward. There is always room for improvement and shortly after a big push is a great time to regroup.


As you begin the reflection process, one thing that may come to mind is the inconvenient nature of QuickBooks desktop. Not only is the desktop version a huge time-waster, but it can also impact accuracy, and that’s not something you can afford during the busy tax season or otherwise. If you’re ready to convert your accounting system to QuickBooks Online, our team of QuickBooks Online conversion experts are ready to help! In the meantime, here are just a few of the many ways making this change can impact your relationship with your clients and dramatically improve your workflow.


Improved Relationships


One of the more prominent improvements you’ll find with an online system is an increase in trust and respect when it comes to your client relationships. The 24/7 nature of QuickBooks Online means improved accuracy, timeliness, and the ability to collaborate and correspond with clients in a timely fashion. This does wonders for your relationships and will reap huge rewards for your company’s reputation and growth.


Better Reporting and Data Collection


Strong reporting is a necessity for any high-performing business. When you convert an accounting system to QuickBooks Online, you’ll unlock a wave of new reporting features that make the tax filing process much more efficient. QuickBooks Online comes equipped with a variety of popular reporting metrics including profit/loss statements, sales tax liability reporting and detailed balance sheets. When you work with our QuickBooks Online conversion experts, we’ll show you all the tips and tricks in the book. You’ll find your workflow is seamless and your clients more satisfied. It’s a win-win!


A Leg Up on Next Year

If you begin to convert your accounting system to QuickBooks Online now (while the hassles of last year are still fresh on your mind) you’ll have ample time to train your clients on the new system and reap the rewards of a more structured process. With 24/7 access, you can work with your clients on a timeline that works well for them and ensures their comfort level with your organization is at an all time high. When tax season comes knocking, you’ll be ready!


Give QBO Hero a Call to Get Underway


QuickBooks Online is critical for tax season and the growth of your business. Our team of QuickBooks Online conversion experts at QBO Hero are here to help you unveil the best features of the system and get your business prepared for next tax season.  We would love to partner with you and explore the benefits of 24/7 access. Call today!