The healthcare system has a wealth of challenges, and while we can’t tackle that debate in one blog post, we can share a few ways the independent healthcare system may benefit from a simple shift in mindset and product. here are many moving parts to the healthcare system (especially for independent groups). With health and wellness being one of the most important fields in our nation, it’s imperative that providers find systems and processes that keep the workflow smooth and consistent from day to day. The risk is simply too great otherwise.


One way many independent health care systems are staying on track is by transitioning many of the basic accounting, scheduling, and billing practices to an online module. When you convert to QuickBooks Online, you’ll find more time to do what you do best: provide the best patient care possible. You won’t be bogged down with paperwork and other tedious tasks. Let the system do the work for you! Here are a few ways our team of QuickBooks Online conversion experts at QBO Hero can reduce the hassle and get you back to doing what you love:


QuickBooks Can Alleviate Staffing Issues


As any of our QuickBooks Online conversion experts will attest, one of the best kept secrets about the online product is its ability to assist with scheduling and staffing assignments. In independent healthcare systems, a provider is often assigned to this mundane task. When you convert to QuickBooks Online, you’ll unlock tools like TSheets Scheduling to assist with managing staffing and vacation time. Through this system, employees can complete time cards, clock in or out and view vacation schedules to request time off. Best of all, the online nature means everyone will have the information at their fingertips!  


More Timely Accounting


Another benefit you’ll unlock when you convert to QuickBooks Online is timely accounting practices. From completing staff payroll on time, everytime to billing clients and creating invoices, you’ll find the 24/7 nature of QuickBooks Online to be convenient and a huge time saver. Timely accounting not only makes your job a bit easier, but it also reaps rewards for your organization’s reputation. QuickBooks Online will keep you organized and putting your best face forward with your staff and your external customer base. That’s hard to beat!


So What Are You Waiting For??


Okay, we know changing systems can create some anxiety. After all, when you’ve been doing things a certain way for years, so even the slightest shift can feel like a step backwards.


That said, our team of QuickBooks Online conversion experts are here to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. With a helping hand, you’ll be able to explore the benefits of the system without the standard headaches. We’ll walk you through each step of the process, asking questions along the way to ensure you’re set up in a way that make sense for you. Do your organization a favor and opt for QuickBooks Online today!