When QuickBooks was first released, the desktop version was a breath of fresh air for many small businesses. Afterall, this technology was uncharted territory and offered a host of benefits, allowing you to be a bit more productive from day-to-day. However, since its initial release, QuickBooks has grown leaps and bounds. Now the new and improved online version of this handy tool is making headway.


That said, many businesses are hesitant to make yet another change to their accounting processes. If you find yourself on the fence about taking this plunge, here are a few of the major benefits of QuickBooks Online. Making this transition is no easy task, but the reward is well worth the risk. Here’s why.


24/7 Access


One of the biggest benefits of QuickBooks Online over the traditional desktop modem is quick and convenient access to your information anywhere, anytime. Formerly, employees had to be at the desktop computer, at work, during work hours to access accounting information. With the online platform, you and your team can access your information on the road, at home, and from any device or tablet. This change really streamlines your workflow and keeps you timely and relevant.


Increased Collaboration


Another major benefit you’ll unlock when you convert to QuickBooks Online is increased collaboration among your employees. Multiple staff members can have access to the same account without harming privacy. This fact alone is reason to convert your systems. Your team can log on to the account and see the same information simultaneously. This real-time sharing can lend to better problem solving and teamwork within your crew. No more wasted time or isolated problem-solving. Your overall productivity will be enhanced when you transition to the online forum which can unlock a wealth of tangible results. How can you argue with that?


Tax Time Made Easy


Tax season is a major headache for many businesses; however, a transition to QuickBooks Online can make this dreaded time of year a breeze. Generating tax forms can be done with the click of a button. The system is extremely intuitive, red-flagging any suspicious notes or numbers. When you convert to QuickBooks Online, you’ll be at ease come tax season. 


Ready to Explore QuickBooks Online?

These are just a few of the many benefits of QuickBooks Online. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it may be time to make this transition. Our team of experts at QBO Hero would love to walk you through the process and support you and your team as you embark on this journey. Convert to QuickBooks Online. It can be a bit nerve-wracking, but having an expert on your side will ease the anxiety and help get your business underway. Call us today!