A much-needed summer vacation is top of mind for many Americans this season. Whether a trip to Disney or a charming escape overseas chances are your employees are also planning to hit the road for a little R&R. Of course, as an employer you should encourage employees to take time away as it benefits your organization in the long run. However, managing the myriad of vacation schedules while still ensuring you have coverage is another story. 


The group at QBO Hero can save you the headache when you convert QuickBooks to the online platform. Familiar with all of the QuickBooks Business features we can walk you through platforms that assist with employee scheduling, managing vacation payroll, and doing all the things you need to prep for summer vacation requests. With a little prep and planning you’ll be ready for the summer storm! Here are three tips to get you started: 


Stay Consistent with Your Vacation Policy


Creating a vacation policy and sticking to it is easier said than done. However, consistency is the name of the game and you have to remain fair for all employees. A sound policy should include details like how many days each employee receives each year, the lead time for requesting time off, how employees will be paid, whether vacation days carry over, and how you will handle multiple employees requesting the same date blocks if the problem arises. Once you’ve settled on these parameters discussing it with your team and publicly posting them is a great idea. 



QuickBooks Business Allows You to Keep Track Digitally


When you convert QuickBooks you’ll unlock a host of tools that can assist with employee scheduling and tracking. TSheets Scheduling is the main feature that will help you publish schedules. With this tool employees can clock in and out, view shift schedules, and review any vacation requests. This universal tool is helpful as employees can review all vacation requests and plan their time off accordingly (especially if you’ve published the policy). TSheets is savvy and links all the entered information to the payroll side of QuickBooks ensuring your employees are paid on time, every time. 


Encourage Early Notice


The sooner you know an employee’s vacation plans, the easier it is to transition for their time away. It’s not a bad idea to offer an incentive for requesting vacation as early as possible. This encourages employees to plan ahead and balance. You might also make sure you create a policy that states the minimal amount of notice required of employees. Creating, enforcing, and rewarding employees that take these guidelines to heart is a small price for ensuring your business continues to run smoothly over the summer months. 


It’s Time to Convert QuickBooks and Get Your Business Prepped for Summer!


QuickBooks Business can help your team get ready for the summer madness. You don’t have to be stressed about your employees summer vacations. Let the experts at QBO Hero convert your systems and prep for the summer season. You’ll find the features of this system quite rewarding making summertime a breeze.