Have you ever noticed that there’s a lot of discovery, planning, implementation and follow through with surfers? Are you getting amped to complete a total firm conversion?

Amped = Getting excited while surfing or really looking forward to surfing.

What is more “gnarly” is the thought of an accounting firm partner asking you to streamline their entire firm… from nasty combinations of software products to the new and always improving QuickBooks Online for Accountants and the Accountant’s end user, AKA: their customer. Are you ready to ride it out or bail?

Bail = To bail is to jump of the board to avoid an imminent wipeout.

QuickBooks Online for Accountants and its ocean of awesome applications are taking the world by storm. The storm is brewing for that “killer wave” that firms are now riding and will continue to ride, bringing with it reduced hours and more profit for all who decide to ride it out.

Here is an example of what we see most firms and surfers going through without proper discovery, planning, implementation, and follow through.

The day is starting with an onshore wind, which is a swell killer. It takes an organized, clean swell and then the wind turns it into confused, choppy surf. Onshore winds come from behind or from the side of the waves, turning a swell into surf that is bumpy and extremely difficult to ride. Essentially, there will most likely be a “wipe out!”

Wipe out = Falling or being knocked off a surfboard when riding a wave.

Ideally, your day desires to start with what is known as clean surf. A clean surf is whereby all of the ingredients of the day come together for the surfer to catch the killer wave, riding it out in a smooth, consistent basis. In our world, it’s allowing the firm conversion hero to get upright on their board — while also adding value to their customer, their customer’s family, the customer’s business, and the community it serves. From there, this will allow the surfer to land where they are sound footed. Sounds cool, huh dude? Well, it’s true this is much easier said than done…

Why “clean surf” is needed in a conversion-

Just like waiting for the killer wave, certain conditions need to exist for the firm conversion hero to pull off the ride of their life. It’s breaking it down into basics. A simple checklist and a lot of time and patience is essential for a successful, overall conversion. Here’s some things to think about:

… Is the firm’s production unit fully trained and notified about the conversion?

… As one customer put it, “Are all of your team members and managing partners

drinking the same Kool-Aid?”

… What software are you converting from?

… What QuickBooks Online are you converting to?

… Has the Firm Conversion Hero contacted and informed the client that there is a

conversion of software taking place?

… Has the Firm Conversion Hero given the customer a timeline of what to hope for

through the positive, yet disruptive change?

… Has the Firm Conversion Hero taken the time to review the chart of accounts,

customer lists, vendor lists, item lists, and employee lists with the client?

… Have the transactions been properly reconciled to previous years financial


… Is the firm taking the check register from the client and rekeying it into the firms

proprietary accounting software for internal financial statement generation?

… Do the financial statements match the Tax Returns?

… What Accounting Types are going to be converted?

… Invoice to Invoice or Invoice to Journal Entry?

As you can see, the list can be comprehensive, frustrating and downright “gnarly.”

The question is… is there enough capacity in the firm to develop this certain workflow, or would it be smarter to find a partner in the application center to handle the entire conversion for you? Do you really want to “get worked”?

Get worked = To wipe out and get thrown about while being held under by the wave.

Do firms really need to get great at doing the service of an overall client “conversion?” What are the firm’s options to get it done and done right? Do you have the right team member on this, who fully understands the entire depth and breadth of this killer wave? Or, are they going to be thrown in the washing machine?

Washing Machine = Getting spun around and around underwater by a wave.

We are now in the early adopter phase of this new killer wave. There’s a lot of uncertainty and risk associated with a conversion from a variety of software to the QuickBooks Online platform. Choosing the right surfer to pair up with your business will be the best choice you can make — to avoid that gnarly wave.

I encourage you to catch the “killer wave,” sort out the game plan and take the ride of your life! Exciting times for sure dude, and QBO Hero is here to say you can CAPITALIZE ON IT. Let us show you how to get started the right way.

See you at the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference in San Jose, California next week!

Want more surf slang? Visit http://www.surfing-waves.com/surf_talk1.htm


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