Are you using the Quickbooks Desktop version for your business accounting software? Have you thought of switching to QuickBooks online? While it’s safe to say that the desktop version of this widely popular accounting software isn’t going away anytime soon, it can also be said that Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks software is making a big push to get every desktop version user to convert their Quickbooks file to the online version.

There is proof of this as Intuit frequently offers financial incentives to convince desktop users to convert to Quickbook’s online platform. This makes sense as the more users Intuit switches to the online service, the greater the recurring revenue stream the company will enjoy.

Aside from the eventual phasing out of the desktop version and the possible financial incentives for switching to online now, what about emerging technology trends? There is a general consensus that cloud-based platforms are the new software model. The model is secure for consumers and proven to generate revenue for software providers.

The only hiccup in this scenario is the actual process of converting from desktop to online. It’s not as simple as it looks. As a result, before you begin your migration from desktop to online, you need to put together a migration plan that will aid you in the process. It’s true that this will take extra time, but it’s time well spent.

The main issue is that while you may be able to fairly easily convert from desktop to online in terms of the basic application, there are many other items that need to be converted and staged properly in order for the conversion to be considered a fully converted success.

You could certainly attempt to do the entire conversion yourself. But what about all the “other items”? This is where those add-on programs that facilitate billing, merchant service, payroll, and other financial applications come into play by gumming up makes your project a breeze of a migration to a gigantic headache that is impacting your ability to do business.

If you are not a hard-core do-it-yourselfer, it probably would be simpler and less expensive to hire a company to do this conversion for you. QBO Hero specializes in the transition from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. If you are considering making the switch, but don’t know where to start, contact us today.