Tax season is in full swing and brings with it a variety of overwhelming emotions. Many small businesses stress when tax season rolls around hoping their books align with their obligations. It can be intimidating when you’re using an antiquated process, but that’s where we come into play.


Our team at QBO Hero specializes in  helping businesses through the process of converting to QuickBooks Online. Our expert staff is not only technologically savvy, but we also have years of experience in the accounting realm. We can speak your language and fully understand the struggles of a small business come tax season. Our QuickBooks Online experts will help you convert all your accounting data to an online cloud-based portal and will completely simplify your tax preparation process. Here are a just a few of the many ways converting to QuickBooks Online may be the best thing you’ll ever do for your business:


Efficient Tax Form Preparation


One of the most tedious, yet important components of tax season is issuing all the necessary tax forms to your employees or contractors. The QuickBooks software keeps track of tax information throughout the year making it extremely easy to prepare these forms come tax season. There will be no delay in getting these forms to your people, hence, a much happier staff. Whether you issue W2s or 1099s, this platform offers a much more efficient and accurate process.


Comprehensive Reporting


Whether you file your own business taxes or hire an accountant, you’ll need to do some reporting to effectively complete your obligations. QuickBooks Online offers a comprehensive list of invaluable tax reports. Reports provided with the software include, but are not limited to: profit/loss statements, balance sheets, and sales tax liability reporting.  When converting to QuickBooks Online you also have the flexibility to print, email, or download reports into commonly used files like excel. This feature is a huge time-saver and will be loved by your accounting team!


Top Notch Accuracy

While we may hate to admit it, there are some things a computer software simply does better than the human hand. The QuickBooks Online platform offers a variety of accuracy checks with the most important being bank reconciliation. The system swiftly checks for any duplicate transactions making your job a little easier and significantly increasing the accuracy of your reporting. The audit log is also an extremely helpful tool. You’ll rest easy knowing the system provides a level of accuracy your naked eye can’t accommodate.


Let Our QuickBooks Online Experts Help You!


As you can see, QuickBooks online is a must-have tool for tax season. Your tax accountants will appreciate the ease of the system and our QuickBooks Online experts are here to help you walk through the best features of the system. We would love to help you prepare for filing day. Schedule a consultation today!