CMB Hero

Gentlemen, I want to thank you for all your hard work with our QuickBooks data conversion. You both were great to work with, and I couldn’t imagine getting this project done without your services. Once again, thank you for your help!

All, It is a glorious upload! Really good work. I am going to do the bank recons tomorrow to get comfortable with the full tie out. I will add bonus to the bill for Expensify and for this as you’ve earned it. Don’t want to revise current contract but I owe you.

Danuta F.

Hi, We just finished reviewing the data that you migrated over to QBO and everything looks good. Thank you so much for the help and fast turnaround. We also appreciate the frequent follow up. Thanks again!

Well fellas, I think you’ve done it! I’ve spent a half hour routing through the data, and it looks like we are there. B/S balances all make sense, P&L totals look good, names and classes are assigned. AP Aging looks appropriate. This is a HUGE burden lifted, you have no idea! Made a complex integration seamless and custom. Anxiety level went from 10 to zero! 100% satisfied customer.  

As always, when I talk about the benefits of moving to QBO (seamless app integration being my favorite!) I also tell people about QBO Hero and how you folks take the work and worry out of the conversion!

Thank you for this. I have validated this file on my end as well and everything checked out. Thank you again for a quick turnaround.


Dear Jim and Jon: I heard from Lucille that she met both of you at the QB conference…I wish I had been able to go!!  It would have been nice to meet you. Lucille referred your company to someone she met at the conference – she gave you great reviews!!

Hi Jon, So far everything is working good. We appreciate all the work you did for us, and getting everything done on schedule.


Thank you! Conversion is great.

This looks great – Thank you!

Thank you once again for the courtesy you extended me today. I am rebuilding my files now and expect to be up and running in weeks. Your patience was a great help. I will be engaging your services from time to time as you have a great knowledge of my unique circumstances.

The file looks great.  I am impressed that so many point-to-point data sets came across.  I appreciate the quickness with which it was completed as well.  I appreciate your help from end to end on this project.

Office Manager / T&M Services

All in all very happy with the transition and the simplicity of the new system.

You guys did an awesome job converting all my clients to QBO.