­Embracing the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem.

Last time, we explored the pricing model. We suggested that taking control of your practice with a QuickBooks Online conversion plan and executing it is a very effective way to make your practice much more profitable. How can we, as trusted advisors, “Embrace the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem?” I embrace it by constant and never-ending improvement on my business (CANI for short). The QuickBooks Community is looking for ways to apply to CANI QuickBooks Online.

I just got back from Intuit Connect and Intuit Reseller Connect. My take away was CANI! Here is some very useful knowledge that I gained.

The QuickBooks Product Blog posted here is a live dialogue of discussion on new additions and how they work on the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem.-Check it out. It is really useful for QuickBooks Online Accountants and End-Users.

QuickBooks Online Payroll— I was able to align my payroll strategy with my payroll representative at Intuit. This was critical. It allowed me to confirm my understanding of the payroll conversion process from desktop to online. I found that with proper staging and help from a conversion expert, you and your client will enjoy worry free payroll that can be accessed anywhere anytime by you and your entrusted team. Further, it solidified what payroll offerings are best for my firm and our entrusted clients. I have implicit faith in serving our payroll clients with the best possible offering, QuickBooks Full Service Payroll. I am confident in my payroll space. I will serve and profit from the payroll model developed at Intuit Connect.

QuickBooks payments— I found CANI going on here. I found that the conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Payments can be burdensome with little or no direction on how to convert. Again, I would consult with a conversion expert to be certain that your entrusted client has a worry free conversion. My main CANI is providing value to our entrusted clients. QuickBooks Payments CANI and service can make taking any form of payment easy. Thanks to easy to understand, straight line pricing, QuickBooks Online Payments is the way our firm processes payments.

QuickBooks Online Applications— I was honored to be a judge at the Intuit Connect Hackathon. What an amazing event. Independent QuickBooks Online Developers developed applications working seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. The developers developed incredible apps that took care of problems within the QuickBooks Online program. Applications such as progress billing, contractors using google to design projects and enhanced security within QuickBooks are to name the few of many that I was able to enjoy judging. I encourage you to review the many CANI solutions at the Intuit marketplace http://apps.intuit.com.

All of the aforesaid issues are conversion issues that need to be addressed client by client. Here are helpful resources from Intuit.

Intuit is in partnership with professional conversion companies such as QBO Hero who help accountants and their firms with the conversion process. Save valuable time and money by allowing conversion companies to assist you and your firm in a successfully staged conversion.

“I’m staking my faith in YOU”! William H. Danforth President of Ralston Purina Company in the 1920’s said in his Monday Morning Message. Today, the QuickBooks Online Family is as big as an army. Every person is proud of their responsibility. I can’t do the work of this army. I wouldn’t if I could. I wouldn’t deny you the right to become your best. Now add together all us at our best. The sum total makes the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem. I have implicit faith in you. To each other let’s subscribe ourselves to our clients and take part in an incredible opportunity to embrace the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem.

Next time we will look at staging, scheduling, planning, and implementing the conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Until then, may good luck and great results be with you.

James N. Filicetti, CPA

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