It’s true. Running a successful business these days requires constant innovation. Technology in the workplace is the norm and it has dramatically altered the way business is done across the globe.  Technology can make life easier in a lot of ways. In business it can streamline processes, eliminate tasks and save a ton of time and money to name a few benefits. Contrarily, failing to adjust to today’s technology standards can be costly.  


That said, increased convenience often comes with increased risk. Cyber security is a trending topic and an ever changing landscape. However, this heavy topic can’t be avoided. From phishing scams to malicious computer viruses there is no end to the list of risks run as business transitions to an online platform. As a business owner, staying abreast of trending topics and appropriately protecting yourself and your employees from cyber attacks is a must-do. Luckily, systems like QuickBooks can dramatically reduce your risk of attack if used properly.  With a little QuickBooks training you and your team will be well on your way to fighting cyber bullies with ease! Here are a few ways you can manage your QuickBooks upgrade and minimize the risk at hand:


Lock It Up


One easy way to reduce cyber attacks in your business is to offer a QuickBooks training that covers the topic of locking devices and computers. Leaving your systems unlocked is a sure fire way to get hit with a cyber attack. Simply logging out out of the systems (even if you’ll be away for only a few minutes). Failure to appropriately lock the systems creates a ripe opportunity for scammers to swoop in and win.  


Listen to the QuickBooks Upgrade Warnings


As a business owner you’ve likely seen the little emblem with the “time to upgrade” warning. Likewise a request to scan your computer for a virus has likely occurred. Of course, an upgrade or system scan takes time. When you’re so busy juggling the demands of the business it’s easy to avoid these little messages. However, ignoring these  messages can lead to a major headache road and possible cyber attack down the road. Viruses do the most damage when they’re allowed to circulate for a while. Don’t gamble on this one. Nip them early and squash the risk!


Offer Regular QuickBooks Training


Self awareness and education are huge factors in creating a safe environment for your client information. Conducting regular QuickBooks training with your team and offering ongoing education is one easy way to make sure you’re doing things right from your end. With the ever changing dynamics of cyber issues it doesn’t hurt to host these sessions quarterly or even monthly. 


Ready to Play the Game?


If you’re ready to get a head start on cyber security our team at QBO Hero is here to help. With a team of QuickBooks upgrade experts and cyber security gurus we can help your business acclimate to the changing world of cyber issues. With inside knowledge and constant support your business will be well positioned to defeat even the most savvy cyber bully. What are you waiting for?!