In today’s technology-driven world, it can be intimidating to think that your most important data is floating around “the cloud.” That’s why many business owners are still working with QuickBooks desktop. The comfort and security of something familiar is difficult to let go, but times are changing and you really don’t have to settle for those nasty “no more storage” messages or the endless upfront costs of system upgrades.  


What if we told you a data conversion to QuickBooks online could radically transform the way your business operates and save you money along the way? A data conversion can simplify your workflow, eliminate tasks for your employees, and reduce some of the fixed costs previously associated with your accounting systems. It is also extremely secure so you can rest easy knowing your information is safely stored. Here are a few ways a data conversion may be the best thing that’s happened to your business:


24/7 Access


The best and most obvious part of a data conversion to Quickbooks online is the 24/7 access you’ll glean from it. Unlike the desktop versions, your data will be stored on an outside server that can be accessed from anywhere, provided a secure internet connection. This allows you to get your work done anywhere, anytime.


A Variety of Options

When contemplating a data conversion to Quickbooks you’ll find there are a variety of storage hosting platforms. It helps to understand how each platform works before selecting the one that works best for your business. In a public platform, your data is shared with multiple servers and potentially with other businesses. While this may sound intimidating, a public platform is still very secure and is the most cost-effective way to go when it comes to cloud storage. If you’d rather pay a little more for peace of mind, a private platform or a hybrid option are also great choices. It’s a good idea to get a consultation before diving into one or the other so you fully understand the pros and cons of each solution.


You Won’t Pay for What You Don’t Use


Another great way moving to the cloud can reduce costs is that you typically won’t pay for what you don’t use. Many of the platforms operate on a “pay as you go” system meaning you can add storage along the way as the need arises rather than paying an exorbitant upfront fee for space you’ll never use.  Additionally, there are no maintenance fees or upgraded security fees with your purchase so you’ll find cost savings across the board.


Let QBO Hero Help You Take the Plunge!

Our expert team at QBO Hero has years of experience in accounting (and QuickBooks online) and believes firmly in the advantages of an online platform. If you’d like some help or consultation with your data conversion, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We’re on your team and look forward to helping you unlock all the benefits of Quickbooks online!